Meet the Journalist – The Second New Leader for Lost Ruins of Arnak

Our upcoming expansion, Lost Ruins of Arnak: The Missing Expedition, brings a lot of content into the fold for solo, co-op, and regular multiplayer Arnak games alike. Two new playable leaders are only a portion of what you can expect. We’ll dig deeper into some of the other expansion content in future articles, but for now we’re excited to introduce another new leader we think you’ll enjoy.

In our last blog post, we shared some details on the Mechanic and how her gear system works as it grows more powerful over time. The second new leader included in the expansion, has a completely different set of mechanics and play style. Let’s get to know him a little better shall we? Meet…the Journalist!

All that’s fit to print

The Journalist is a traveler with a passion for documenting the unexplored. He has a keen eye for capturing details that might otherwise elude others. As you’ll see teased in the trailer here, he also has a very different player board from other characters. It includes slots for two double-sided newspaper tiles. These can be chosen at the start of the game or picked randomly, and each has a different set of helpful actions you can take when you fill them in with an article.

Speaking of articles…when playing as the Journalist, you’ll place small article tokens next to every site during initial board setup. When traveling to a site, he can pay one extra traveling cost of a type that matches that site to gain the article token at that location. These articles can either be saved for later or used immediately to slot them into an available newspaper slot on your board, gaining the benefit you cover up.

When you fill up all four slots of each newspaper, you can then gain access to filling in the larger reward in the fifth bottom slot. Also, as you fill in horizontal rows with articles across both newspaper tiles, you can open up additional idol slots.

That’s not all. Because the journalist is so skilled at documenting things as he observes them, he is allowed to move his book up the research track one space higher than his magnifying glass — which other characters cannot do. This can make it easier for him to progress faster, more flexibly, and he can gain his first assistant a bit more easily in the early game.

Behind the scenes

“For the Journalist, I think the inspiration was mainly thematic as opposed to mechanical,” notes Mín, the co-designer of Arnak. “I really wanted to have a guy who was traveling around and writing articles, and the idea to actually utilize spending more travel resources for something else of use was also key. Because sometimes in the game you just find cards that offer you a lot of opportunity to travel, but maybe you don’t always have a use for that, and the journalist is actually built around that. He’s utilizing things that others can’t.”

Both the Journalist and the Mechanic leaders feel quite different from the six leaders found in the previous Expedition Leaders expansion. Coming up with new play styles and character approaches can be tricky. “Designing new stuff is always challenging, you want things to be different and interesting…but also streamlined enough that it’s not overcomplicated and still nice to play,” says Mín. “It’s very satisfying to see that it’s different and fun.”

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Meet the Mechanic – A New Leader for Lost Ruins of Arnak

Anyone who has explored our previous Expedition Leaders expansion for Lost Ruins of Arnak will already be familiar with just how much playing Arnak with the asymmetrical leaders injects a fresh strategic element to the experience. It nudges players to focus in specific directions, which makes certain resources and options more valuable to particular leaders’ play styles.

Both of the two new leaders included in the upcoming second expansion, Lost Ruins of Arnak: The Missing Expedition, feel quite different from the six previous leaders. Today, we’re excited to introduce you to The Mechanic, a versatile tinkerer whose skill to repair even the most broken things makes life easier on any expedition.

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Why CGE blog now?

In CGE, we were toying with an idea to write a blog for many years. After careful considerations, we always came to a conclusion not to do it. There were several reasons, like the fact that we like to make games more than write about it, or that it would require us to quite a big commitment, to name a few.

But the current situation in the world and our unique position convinced us that it is the right time to start one. Thanks to the success of Codenames, which are now translated into 41 languages, we have partners all over the world. At least in those countries, where modern board games are played.

Since the Coronavirus outbreak started, our partners began informing us about their situation in their country and how it affects the board game industry. Our colleagues who are communicating with them pasted that information to our company Slack, where everyone in our company was reading it. It was fascinating to read unfiltered details on how it looks like in different countries and with a bit of board gaming flavor.

After over two dozens of those, we finally realized that it would be the shame if nobody else would have access to these. So we tried to contact a few first of our partners to see if they will be OK to share those stories on our blog. And the response was overwhelmingly positive.

So here we are. For now, it will contain posts connected to the current situation in the board gaming world and what lies ahead of us. Since nobody knows how it will unveil, or how much our world will change in the following months, it is hard to say now how this blog will evolve. So we will have to explore it together.

On behalf of the whole CGE team, I wish you, your family, and your friends good luck and strong health. Let’s hope that our hobby, which we all love so much, will thrive even in these troubled times.

Petr Murmak
CEO of Czech Games Edition