So What *Is* In The New Missing Expedition Arnak Expansion?

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Are you curious about what’s included in the new Lost Ruins of Arnak: The Missing Expedition and what it adds to the experience? Now worries! Let’s take a moment to talk about what you can expect from this expansion, so you can decide if it’s a good fit for you.

Above, you’re looking at all of the physical components that can be found in the box. That’s quite a bit of stuff!

95% of the components you’re looking at right now can be mixed into and used in a regular multiplayer game of Lost Ruins of Arnak. This includes two completely distinct new playable leader characters (The Mechanic and The Journalist), new site and guardian tiles, more idol tokens, a new double-sided research board, new items and artifacts, and tons of special event cards that offer multiple choice rewards.

We’ve even added two additional leader character archetypes (The Prospector and The Traveler) that can be created using just the base game components. This lets you to play a regular 3-4 player multiplayer game with The Missing Expedition content even if you don’t have the first expansion.

But wait a minute…doesn’t this expansion also add a story campaign that can either be played solo or with two-players working together cooperatively?

Yes…it also adds that, too.

Solo and Co-op Campaign Content

In addition to all of the componentry above that can be used with a regular multiplayer Arnak game, The Missing Expedition includes a challenging six chapter story campaign that utilizes unique board setups and new tension building gameplay mechanics layered onto the core gameplay.

Each chapter of the campaign is a challenge scenario that ties thematically into the story elements that accompany it. Play the entire campaign chapter-by-chapter in order to experience the full story arc across multiple games…or you can go back and pick your favorite chapter and play it as a one-off challenge, aiming to complete all of the bonus objectives.

They’re each tough and tricky to beat, and designed with replay in mind, so you may need more than one try to master them. You can also always go back and try to optimize your score and strive to get the best secret story endings!

The campaign also features a meta gaming element tied to the special decks of event cards that you’ll use in each chapter. These cards each offer two different choices of reward on each card. One gives you an immediate benefit, while the other lets you hang onto and trigger the effect later when you want to. Whatever choice you make also earns you a special symbol you’ll mark off on the corresponding track of your score sheet. Over time, you can unlock special side story threads and unique cards to shuffle into the deck for future chapters.

Five of the six chapter event decks each have a corresponding site tile, and they can be used in a regular game of Arnak. All you have to do is shuffle an adapter site tile tiles into the pile during setup. When using them in a regular game, you simply just ignore the meta-gaming symbols for the campaign.

The TLDR version: the vast majority of the new components in the expansion can be used in a regular multiplayer game of Arnak. But there’s also a deep six-chapter story campaign with challenging thematic scenarios that you can play solo or cooperatively with a friend.

Check out Eleni’s awesome overview video above for a closer visual look at the different elements of the expansion, too!

There’s a ton of content in The Missing Expedition that we think Arnak fans are going to love. We can’t wait to share it with you when the expansion hits very stores soon.

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