Lost Ruins of Arnak: Extras

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We have created lots of resources that extend the world of Arnak beyond the board games. Check out the list below to find how to play and overview videos, designer diaries, articles, art progress, and more!

Table of Contents

[NEW] The Missing Expedition (expansion): Overview

What is the new expansion?

Designer diaries & articles

How to play the campaign

How to Play

How to play: Lost Ruins of Arnak (base game)

How to play: Lost Ruins of Arnak SOLO (base game)

How to play: Expedition Leaders expansion

Leaders: Tips & Tricks

Designer Interviews

Articles & Designer Diaries

Lost Ruins of Arnak (base game)

Lost Ruins of Arnak: Expedition Leaders (expansion)

Art Progress


Want more Arnak? Visit the CGE website for more information about the Lost Ruins of Arnak base game and its expansions:

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