Differences in Nordics countries

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Our friends from Asmodee Nordics (formerly Bergsala Enigma) sent us how they are affected:

In the Nordics, 3 of the 4 countries have enforced quarantine rules at different levels. Sweden being the outlier with schools still open (except universities and gymnasiums), and stores, restaurants, and gyms are still allowed to function so long they take appropriate measures to minimize any spread of the disease. It does seem that restrictions will be eased in the other countries soon, so hopefully, we can get back to sort of more normal life. We will see in time which country chose the correct route to minimize the damages of the pandemic.

As for us as a business, we try to keep everything as normal as possible, but of course, with appropriate security measures. As we are based in Denmark, a lot of our employees have to stay at home to take care of their children as schools are closed, but we still come to work, and our warehouse is functioning. We are receiving and shipping products to our customers but at reduced levels. We have seen an uptick in board games sales that are geared to families as people have found bard games to be a good pass time while quarantined, and probably gamers, in general, are playing more games with their families instead of with their normal gaming groups.

We hope this will be over soon and that the summer will allow us to go back to some kind of normalcy. Stay safe and take care!

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