Situation in South Korea

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Our Korean partner Boardpia sent us:

The government of Korea has been doing well.
Because we are located very close to China, it has been started two months earlier than in Europe or the US.
But the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention(KCDC) could handle it because they simulated such a situation last year.
They have tracked every single person in Korea from Wuhan province, including places they visited and people they met.
Everything has been under control before the 31st patient.
She kept lying and hiding her moving records in order to protect her church.
She believes in a kind of heresy Christianity. Their strange way of worship made the virus spread.
After 31st patient, a number of confirmed cases increased crazy pace.
Now in Korea, we have 8,600 confirmed cases, and 80% of people believe the same religion or have been infected by the believers of that religion.
We trust the government and KCDC, nobody stock up food or daily necessities.
Schools are closed, and the streets are quiet but no panic. Our office and the warehouse is working as usual.
Most citizens try to do the best thing – wear the masks, washing hands, donate for people who need help, reduce the monthly rental fee for the small closed shops, retired nurses and doctors go back to hospitals voluntarily and etc.
I hope all this awful nightmare will pass soon.
We can get over it as always. Before then, take care and stay away from crowded places.

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